Budgeting software that seamlessly integrated to your existing system

Mofin helps you monitor your budgeting & spending data in real-time by centralizing all the process in one source.

Manage Your Company's Finance and Budget in Real-Time

Before Mofin, moving your financial budget across divisions was difficult; took long time; in probably messy approval flow; and not centralized in one platform. Mofin allows you to monitor budget movement and be your number one source for budgeting and forecasting. All done in real-time, makes your day-to-day work much easier and helps achieve higher.

So, let’s #MoveToMofin .

Allocate Budget Across Teams

Finance easily gives budget to each budget owner to spend for a year

Fasten Up the Approval Flow

Tracking and approval go faster, with dynamic hierarchy based on your enterprise to approve the spending planning from budget owner

Move Budget to Another Team

Finance can transfer budget amount across budget owners

Get Budget Report

Monitor how much the budget used from spending planning that was made by the budget owner

Monitor Key Performance Indicator

Measure KPI from the budget owner by view the planning and the actual

Global Consumer Goods Company + Mofin

“Mofin increases our work-efficiency by 40% and it becomes the most reliable financial source in the company.”

Mofin by DIGITS

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